CLEAN ACT TANK – How does it work?
• Items soiled with oil, grease and black carbon are placed in the 
Clean Act Tank.
• Our safe and specially formulated solution does all the work, cleaning 
your equipment inside the tank at 185° F
• Items are later removed and simply rinsed, ready to be 
used again. Items removed from the tank will also be 
• Cleaning solution works 24/7 for 30 days – we change 
the solution for you every month.
• Size of tank – the internal measurements of our 
standard tank are:
Length: 28”  
Width: 12” 
Height: 24”

Why use CLEAN ACT?
The Clean Act system is a very practical approach to 
keeping your kitchen clean in a cost-effective manner:

Saves you money on cleaning and cooking supplies 
such as:
• expensive detergents and degreasers.
• green and silver scouring pads.
• premature replacement of sheet pans / sauté pans 
damaged by carbon and scouring.
• i.e. prolongs the life of your equipment.

Saves money on time / man hours:
• Pots and Pans: labor hours are saved because Clean Act Tank cleans overnight, when your crew has already punched out for the day.
• Porters can spend less time scrubbing pans and spend more time detailing trouble spots in kitchen, or even helping to prep food (cross-training). 
• Any time spent away from scrubbing a pan can be used effectively.
• Hood Filters: Hood-Cleaning services charge a “per filter fee”. Instead, 
filters can be cleaned by simply putting into tank overnight. No scrubbing 
or additional chemicals necessary. 

Safe for you and your customers:
• Clean Act uses a non-corrosive and relatively mild detergent in its tank, which will not cause burns upon contact as most degreasers would.
• Metal fillings won’t end up in food as is common with traditional 
scouring methods, because scouring won’t be necessary. This can 
improve food flavor.
• Reduced fire risk.

Clean equipment makes a good impression during 
Health Department Inspections

Improves morale:
• Unsightly carbon on sheet pans, sizzle platters and sauté pans can be removed with ease and improve cooking attitude of chefs who want to cook delicious food.
• A clean kitchen gives a sense of pride to any serious kitchen employee.

Why CLEAN ACT is unique:
• Same water and detergent is used 24/7 for 30 days. There is no need to empty tank or change water. The tank operates independently, so no other equipment/plumbing is needed.
• While the detergent is highly effective in dissolving carbon and grease, it is also mild and non-corrosive, and safe to use on aluminum and other metal equipment.